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Departmental pre-visit briefing materials for Delegation members. Includes summary document on defence cooperation, 'Restricted' Dept of Foreign Affairs bound volume with McIntosh annotations, biographical notes on Indonesian officials and others…

Letters and other materials collected pre-visit. Generally background information from Australian and Timorese associates, for McIntosh's private use. Includes names of people to contact in Timor.

Includes letters, press releases from Delegation leader, draft itinerary, pre-visit briefing record.

Includes original list of dead or missing political prisoners passed to McIntosh on Atauro. Also contains photocopies of list and original typescript of translated version. Other items include folder of Indonesian news media articles about the…

Includes photocopy and translations of letter handed to Delegation, and McIntosh office's involvement in dispute on interpretations of Fretilin member's spoken words.

Drafts of official records of conversations recorded during official delegation meetings. Includes some McIntosh corrections, annotations.

Probably first official draft of report appendices, including records of conversations. Some annotated by McIntosh or staff. Also includes copies of discussion with Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta, which was not published in…

Probably first draft of report discussed by Delegation members. Includes many annotations by McIntosh and unidentified staff person.

Photocopy of annotated draft (annotations not by McIntosh).

Research notes and drafts for McIntosh's dissenting report. Also includes some records on McIntosh's complaint of unethical behaviour of Delegation leader Bill Morrison, incorporating criticism of dissenting report in the Delegation's formal report.

Three copies with annotations by McIntosh's research staff (Steve Wakeham and John Waddingham).

Proof copy of Hansard record of tabling speeches in the Senate and House of Representatives (Morrison, Dobie - incomplete).

Contains transcript of ABC Background Briefing programme analysing the visit. Also includes sheaf of Australian media reports on the Delegation's visit.

Includes internal McIntosh office notes on contentious elements of final report.

McIntosh communications with government ministers and officials.

Correspondence with (mostly) Labor Party colleagues. Includes telegram from Ken Fry (May 1977) reporting CIET Darwin's success in establishing radio contact with Fretilin; also McIntosh's note (Nov. 1978) to colleagues on use of the term Comrade.

McIntosh correspondence with individuals concerning but outside the official proceedings of the 1982 Senate Inquiry into East Timor.

Includes letters supporting McIntosh's decision to dissent from the official report of the delegation, and McIntosh's letter to the Prime Minister about his dissenting report.

Correspondence with East Timorese political leaders, community leaders and members.

Correspondence with UN Secretary-General's Office.

Correspondents include Prime Minister Cavaco Silva, Foreign Minister Jaime Gama and Portugal's Ambassador to Australia. Also contains report of the Non-Permanent Commission for the Following Up of the Situation in East Timor (Nov. 1986; 41 pages).

Correspondents include Tony Hall, Paul Tsongas.

Correspondence with New Zealand parliamentarians.

Correspondence with Australian and international Timor activist organisations and individuals.

Communications with Lord Avebury, House of Lords, U.K. and Carmel Budiarjo, Tapol, UK.

Exchanges with Professor Roger Clark on international legal issues, particularly the Australia - East Timor seabed boundary

Correspondence with Pat Walsh, John Waddingham

Correspondence with Mrs J Herrera from Queensland and later as convenor of the Hobart East Timor Committee.

Partial set of correspondence with journalist Jill Jolliffe, Portugal. Includes records of media statements by Bill Hayden whilst in Lisbon (Sep 1984) and two Fretilin documents (ca. Sep 1984) describing military and security situation in East Timor.

Correspondents include organisations such as Human Rights Council of Australia, Free Aceh, Republic of South Moluccas Movement, Free Papua Movement, LBH, United Nations Association, Community Aid Abroad, 2/2nd Commando Association and individual…

Includes original typescript of McIntosh's report of visit to Timor as part of Labor Government Caucus Committee; also the official Report by the Caucus FADC. File also contains pamphlets, photographs and other material collected; records of…

McIntosh was a member of a Parliamentary Delegation visit to Indonesia in June-July 1976. Material includes unofficial backgrounder material on East Timor, official schedule with written annotations, Senate discussion on Delegation report, and…

McIntosh petitioned the UN Decolonisation Committee in November 1982. Folder contains speech notes, UN press summaries of petitions, Federal Parliamentary Labor Party petition to UN, correspondence, other collected materials.

Contents originally in lever arch fiolder carried by McIntosh to UN. Includes correspondence on McIntosh's appearance before the UN Fourth Committee, submissions by other petitioners (such as Australian Catholic Relief, Minority Rights Group,…

McIntosh was the Labor Party's representative on the Parliamentary Delegation to the UN General Assembly. Folder includes McIntosh lobbying for membership of delegation, report on his UN experience, collected materials (including Vanuatu's Walter…

Working materials, drafts, final texts of collective letters sent by concerned Labor federal polticians. Predominantly internal organisational notes on establishement of the federal Labor Parliamentarians East Timor Forum. McIntosh's office played a…

Correspondence (including Roger Clarke and Portuguese ambassador), collected papers and media reportage, speech notes and various Senate proceedings transcripts (such as McIntosh's adjournment speech 20 March 1986 and response from Senator Evans).

Background materials on restablishment by Australian activists of radio contact with the armed resistance in Timor. (See also: Correspondence - Australian Government). Includes comprehensive set of McIntosh correspondence in support of granting a…

Mainly specific case files; some broader notes and correspondence on policy issues.

Background materials on the arrest and disappearance of three Timorese students in Jakarta. Includes McIntosh correspondence, Senate statements and questions.

Miscellaneous materials, mostly correspondence with individuals in London, Portugal, European Parliament. Includes business cards of contacts, Jill Jolliffe's notes on Lisbon itinerary.

Background on controversy over authenticity of Monsignor Belo letter highly critical of human rights situation.

Includes contact address lists, internal office organisation materials.

Includes correspondence, draft proposals, State and National foreign policy resolutions.

Includes McIntosh discussion paper on Labor government and ALP policy, with 'Answering the Apologists: Responses to common myths..' on annexation of East Timor; media clippings.

Includes Senate motion texts; letters lobbying for inquiry.

Divided into two folders. Folder 1 has media coverage of McIntosh visit to New Zealand in Feb 1977; folder 2 has background articles, including copies of Timor Information Service up to end 1976, copy of Helen Hill's The Timor Story, and Australian…

Contains letter to PM Whitlam by parliamentarians (including McIntosh) in August 1975; 9-page report by Arthur Gietzelt and Ken Fry of visit to Timor in September 1975. Also a Fretilin media statement (13 Sep 1975) on the situation following the end…

MGD Hansard 1974-1975
Photocopy of all McIntosh's contributions to proceedings in the Senate chamber (i.e. includes non-Timor material). One folder containing multiple folders of unsorted Hansard items.

McIntosh's questions asked "without notice" and "on notice" in the Senate (incomplete record). Includes draft questions, original ministerial replies, background material.

Original text of speeches in a range of forums.

Miscellaneous collection of talk notes, draft comments.

Papers prepared for circulation to interested people and organisations. Includes two papers on Hawke government's handling of East Timor.

Originial texts or copies of media statements and 'Letters to the Editor'.

Miscellaneous collection of media and other material featuring or quoting McIntosh.

Published version of Committee's Report: "The Human Rights and Conditions of the People of East Timor." September 1983. Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra. 106 p. Chaired by McIntosh Feb-Sep 1983. (2 copies in folder.)

In 3 folders. Five successive drafts of the final Committee report. From April 1983 (annotated) to September 1983.

Includes schedules for committee hearings; lists and summaries of submissions; internal correspondence - including discussion of draft report.

In 6 folders. Volumes include submissions and transcripts of evidence of individuals and organisations appearing before Committee in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Hobart (incomplete). Also 2-vol. Hansard Transcript of evidence (total 1773 p.)…

In 4 folders.Transcripts of non-public evidence given "in camera" to the Committee.

Includes official transcripts and original speech notes on tabling of Report, the Government's response to the report and McIntosh's subsequent comments.

In 3 folders. Official copies of submissions sent to McIntosh by Committee Secretariat. Ordered into groups by McIntosh's personal staff. Folder includes listing of submissions.

In 2 folders. Official copies of submissions sent to McIntosh by Committee Secretariat. Ordered into groups by McIntosh's personal staff. Folder includes listing of submissions.

Official copies of submissions sent to McIntosh by Committee Secretariat. Ordered into groups by McIntosh's personal staff. Folder includes listing of submissions.

In 2 folders. Official copies of submissions sent to McIntosh by Committee Secretariat. Ordered into groups by McIntosh's personal staff. Folder includes listing of submissions.

In 3 folders. Official copies of submissions sent to McIntosh by Committee Secretariat. Ordered into groups by McIntosh's personal staff. Folder includes listing of submissions.

Copies of submissions by West Australians - given directly to McIntosh for lodgement with Committee Secretariat. Folder includes list of submissions.

Includes original hand-written translations of Portuguese-language materials from inside East Timor which were included in some West Australian submissions to the Inquiry.

Submissions and additional material from variety of organisations and individuals, including Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace as well as Foreign Affairs and Immigration Departments. Supplements original written and verbal testimony.

Copies of submissions (with some annotations) taken by McIntosh to Committee Hearings.

Copies of submissions (with some annotations) taken by McIntosh to Committee Hearings.

Copies of submissions (with some annotations) taken by McIntosh to Committee Hearings.

Copies of submissions (with some annotations) taken by McIntosh to Committee Hearings.

Collection of background documents used by McIntosh during Committee proceedings.

Includes correspondence to McIntosh about the Enquiry from Jolliffe and Waddingham, letter from McIntosh to Philip Eldridge. Copy and translation of ICRC letter to Horta concerning Whitlam's visit to East Timor in March 1982.

Misc submissions + other material. Some are duplicates.

Miscellaneous collection of letters, media releases, statements from governement Ministers and Departments.

Media releases, letters, documents from (mostly Labor) Members - eg a 1978 media release by then Labor Opposition spokesman critical of Fraser Government's exclusion from Australia of Jose Ramos Horta. Of note: Ken Fry's report on his 1976 visit to…

Papers prepared by the Legislative Research Service of the Federal Parlaimentary Library. Most written by Jim Dunn.

Mostly material from ACFOA, including its original 1975 post-civil war report on Timor and the report of the controversial ACFOA-initiated "Traill Commission". Includes issues of ACFOA's East Timor Report newsletter, and copy of booklet Eastern…

Miscellaneous collection of materials from East Timor Activist organisations such as AETA, ACET, CIET, CISET, Friends of East Timor, etc.

Includes items from Jim Dunn, Rob Wesley-Smith and Herb Feith.

Includes copies of latters, media releases, policy and other documents from the Resistance inside Timor and its external representatives. Authors include Horta (most), Abilio Araujo, Radio Maubere, Fretilin.

Includes text of letters from Monsignor Belo and former Apostolic Administrator Lopes.

Includes documents from various Timorese community organisations inside and (mostly) outside Timor. One 'inside' document is an "E.T. youth appeal for solidarity" directed to a visiting official of the Indonesian Scouts organisation. Also contains…

Various documents (many in Portuguese) describing particular events or situations inside Timor.

Includes miscellaneous collection of media material based on interviews with then ET Governor Mario Carrascalao.

Miscellany including 1974 newsletters by Indonesian Embassy in Australia, 1976 GoI booklet "Decolonization in East Timor", Foreign Minister Mochtar's famous 1983 defence of Grenada's right to self-determination following US armed intervention;…

Official UN documents including 1984-5 UN Sec-Gen progress reports on Question of East Timor; also letter to John Birch.

International Red Cross reports on its work in Timor. Includes the politically significant September, October 1983 reports.

Portuguese Government statements (e.g. to UN General Assembly and European Parliament) and letters on issues such as sea-bed boundary.

Material from Tapol, Catholic Institute for International Relations, Lord Avebury, Parliamentary Human Rights Group.

Miscellaneous media items, letters from European government and non-government sources. Includes the Dutch Komitee Indonesie 1985 listing of ET political prisoners held in Java.

Mostly texts of letters, initiatives and statements from US legislators such as Tony Hall, Dave Durenberger. Also includes Chomsky's November 1978 statement to UN Decolonisation Committee; media release from US Catholic Conference on its letter of…

1976? NZ CIET pamphlet; interview fragment on then NZ Prime Minister Lange.

Declaration of independence of Acheh, Sumatra - issued 4 December 1976.

In 3 folders. A miscellaneous collection without particular strengths.Predominantly 1981-1986. Folder 3/3 consists of Parliamentary Library transcripts of electronic media items.

Includes AP and Reuters reports

A few (mainly English-language Jakarta Post) clippings

Clips from Far Eastern Economic Review, Asian Wall Street Journal etc
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