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Photocopy of annotated draft (annotations not by McIntosh).

Probably first draft of report discussed by Delegation members. Includes many annotations by McIntosh and unidentified staff person.

Probably first official draft of report appendices, including records of conversations. Some annotated by McIntosh or staff. Also includes copies of discussion with Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta, which was not published in…

Drafts of official records of conversations recorded during official delegation meetings. Includes some McIntosh corrections, annotations.

Includes photocopy and translations of letter handed to Delegation, and McIntosh office's involvement in dispute on interpretations of Fretilin member's spoken words.

Includes original list of dead or missing political prisoners passed to McIntosh on Atauro. Also contains photocopies of list and original typescript of translated version. Other items include folder of Indonesian news media articles about the…

Includes letters, press releases from Delegation leader, draft itinerary, pre-visit briefing record.

Letters and other materials collected pre-visit. Generally background information from Australian and Timorese associates, for McIntosh's private use. Includes names of people to contact in Timor.

Departmental pre-visit briefing materials for Delegation members. Includes summary document on defence cooperation, 'Restricted' Dept of Foreign Affairs bound volume with McIntosh annotations, biographical notes on Indonesian officials and others…
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