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Timor Visit - March 1975 [MGD B1]
Includes original typescript of McIntosh's report of visit to Timor as part of Labor Government Caucus Committee; also the official Report by the Caucus FADC. File also contains pamphlets, photographs and other material collected; records of…

Delegation to Indonesia - 1976 [MGD B2]
McIntosh was a member of a Parliamentary Delegation visit to Indonesia in June-July 1976. Material includes unofficial backgrounder material on East Timor, official schedule with written annotations, Senate discussion on Delegation report, and…

Petitioner: UN 1982 [MGD B3.1]
McIntosh petitioned the UN Decolonisation Committee in November 1982. Folder contains speech notes, UN press summaries of petitions, Federal Parliamentary Labor Party petition to UN, correspondence, other collected materials.

United Nations 1982 East Timor [MGD B3.2]
Contents originally in lever arch fiolder carried by McIntosh to UN. Includes correspondence on McIntosh's appearance before the UN Fourth Committee, submissions by other petitioners (such as Australian Catholic Relief, Minority Rights Group,…

Parliamentary Delegation UN 1983 [MGD B4]
McIntosh was the Labor Party's representative on the Parliamentary Delegation to the UN General Assembly. Folder includes McIntosh lobbying for membership of delegation, report on his UN experience, collected materials (including Vanuatu's Walter…

Labor Parliamentarians [MGD B5]
Working materials, drafts, final texts of collective letters sent by concerned Labor federal polticians. Predominantly internal organisational notes on establishement of the federal Labor Parliamentarians East Timor Forum. McIntosh's office played a…

Seabed Boundary [MGD B6]
Correspondence (including Roger Clarke and Portuguese ambassador), collected papers and media reportage, speech notes and various Senate proceedings transcripts (such as McIntosh's adjournment speech 20 March 1986 and response from Senator Evans).

East Timor Radio Link [MGD B7]
Background materials on restablishment by Australian activists of radio contact with the armed resistance in Timor. (See also: Correspondence - Australian Government). Includes comprehensive set of McIntosh correspondence in support of granting a…

Family Reunions [MGD B8]
Mainly specific case files; some broader notes and correspondence on policy issues.

Student Abductions - Jakarta 1986 [MGD B9]
Background materials on the arrest and disappearance of three Timorese students in Jakarta. Includes McIntosh correspondence, Senate statements and questions.

Europe Visit - 1986 [MGD B10]
Miscellaneous materials, mostly correspondence with individuals in London, Portugal, European Parliament. Includes business cards of contacts, Jill Jolliffe's notes on Lisbon itinerary.

Belo Letter - 1985 [MGD B11]
Background on controversy over authenticity of Monsignor Belo letter highly critical of human rights situation.

Includes contact address lists, internal office organisation materials.

Labor Party Policy Development [MGD B13]
Includes correspondence, draft proposals, State and National foreign policy resolutions.

Hawke Sovereignty Statement - 1985 [MGD B14]
Includes McIntosh discussion paper on Labor government and ALP policy, with 'Answering the Apologists: Responses to common myths..' on annexation of East Timor; media clippings.

Senate Inquiry Proposal - 1977 [MGD B15]
Includes Senate motion texts; letters lobbying for inquiry.

New Zealand Visit - 1977 [MGD B16]
Divided into two folders. Folder 1 has media coverage of McIntosh visit to New Zealand in Feb 1977; folder 2 has background articles, including copies of Timor Information Service up to end 1976, copy of Helen Hill's The Timor Story, and Australian…

Civil War and aftermath - 1975 [MGD B17]
Contains letter to PM Whitlam by parliamentarians (including McIntosh) in August 1975; 9-page report by Arthur Gietzelt and Ken Fry of visit to Timor in September 1975. Also a Fretilin media statement (13 Sep 1975) on the situation following the end…
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