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Australian Goverment [MGD A1]
McIntosh communications with government ministers and officials.

Parliamentarians [MGD A2]
Correspondence with (mostly) Labor Party colleagues. Includes telegram from Ken Fry (May 1977) reporting CIET Darwin's success in establishing radio contact with Fretilin; also McIntosh's note (Nov. 1978) to colleagues on use of the term Comrade.

McIntosh correspondence with individuals concerning but outside the official proceedings of the 1982 Senate Inquiry into East Timor.

Includes letters supporting McIntosh's decision to dissent from the official report of the delegation, and McIntosh's letter to the Prime Minister about his dissenting report.

East Timorese [MGD A5]
Correspondence with East Timorese political leaders, community leaders and members.

United Nations [MGD A6]
Correspondence with UN Secretary-General's Office.

Portuguese Government [MGD A7]
Correspondents include Prime Minister Cavaco Silva, Foreign Minister Jaime Gama and Portugal's Ambassador to Australia. Also contains report of the Non-Permanent Commission for the Following Up of the Situation in East Timor (Nov. 1986; 41 pages).

U.S. Politicians [MGD A8]
Correspondents include Tony Hall, Paul Tsongas.

New Zealand [MGD A9]
Correspondence with New Zealand parliamentarians.

East Timor Activists [MGD A10]
Correspondence with Australian and international Timor activist organisations and individuals.

Avebury / Budiarjo [MGD A11]
Communications with Lord Avebury, House of Lords, U.K. and Carmel Budiarjo, Tapol, UK.

Clark, Roger [MGD A12]
Exchanges with Professor Roger Clark on international legal issues, particularly the Australia - East Timor seabed boundary

East Timor Office - Melbourne [MGD A13]
Correspondence with Pat Walsh, John Waddingham

Herrera / Hobart Timor Committee [MGD A14]
Correspondence with Mrs J Herrera from Queensland and later as convenor of the Hobart East Timor Committee.

Jolliffe [MGD A15]
Partial set of correspondence with journalist Jill Jolliffe, Portugal. Includes records of media statements by Bill Hayden whilst in Lisbon (Sep 1984) and two Fretilin documents (ca. Sep 1984) describing military and security situation in East Timor.

Miscellaneous Correspondents [MGD A16]
Correspondents include organisations such as Human Rights Council of Australia, Free Aceh, Republic of South Moluccas Movement, Free Papua Movement, LBH, United Nations Association, Community Aid Abroad, 2/2nd Commando Association and individual…
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